Residence Options at St. Joseph's College

Welcome to the Residences at St. Joseph's College! We are pleased that you have an interest in either staying with us for the summer, joining the Rangers (men's residence), or joining the Islanders (women's residence). Students from all University of Alberta faculties are welcome!

The men’s and women’s residences are part of the larger St. Joseph’s College community and are affiliated with the University of Alberta. Our residences are located in the heart of the University of Alberta campus. The women’s residence houses 284 students (single, double, and quadruple options) and the men’s residence houses 63 students (single rooms only). Any resident of St. Joseph’s College has the opportunity to grow and develop in spiritual, intellectual, social, community, and emotional well-being.

Residents and members of the community are welcome in St. Joseph’s College regardless of their cultural, spiritual or academic backgrounds, in keeping with the Catholic values of the College. Catholic thought begins and ends in God’s relationship with us as individuals and as members of a community. Each and every individual is created in the image of God and therefore possesses inherent goodness and dignity (Gen 1:27).

The St. Joseph’s College residences strive to provide an opportunity for young people to experience the richness of university life while residing in a supportive, single gender environment. Applications for residence will be accepted as of October 1, 2014.

Some Frequently Asked Questions...

Do I have to be Catholic to live at St. Joe's?

No. The majority of residents are Catholic, however every resident is expected to abide by the Residence's Code of Conduct, in addition to the University of Alberta's Code of Student Behaviour.

What is included in my rent?

Residents have full access to hot lunches and dinners, which are prepared daily by our in-house chef. Additionally, high-speed Internet is included in every room. Each room is furnished with a bed, desk, dresser and a closet. We also have a professional cleaning staff that changes the bed sheets weekly and vacuum regularly. Laundry facilities are located in the building and are available for a nominal cost ($1 for washing, $0.75 for drying).

Will I have to share my room?

No - although St. Joe's rooms are small (about 8 feet by 12 feet), they are all single occupancy.

What should I bring when I move in?

To view or print a list of items to remember, please click here.

Do I have to take classes at St. Joe's while I am living there?

No - however, St. Joe's offers an exciting variety of University-credit courses that are available as options to any degree program. Residents are encouraged to take these courses to have a well-balanced education. To jump to St. Joe's academic offerings, please click here.

Is the residence involved in campus sports? 

At St. Joe's, everyone plays sports. In fact our participation in sports is so high that we have won the U.A.B. Cup as the top intramural unit in the Campus Recreation Men's "A" Conference for the last twenty-six straight years. All residents have the opportunity to participate in up to 24 different activities throughout the year. The sports representatives usually organize a competitive team and a fun team for each sport, so that residents of all levels can participate.

Does the residence get together for social events?

Our residence is a very social place to live. We participate in everything from movie nights to Formals.

Does St. Joe's offer communal spaces?

The men's residence has a newly renovated lounge, with a wide screen TV and pool/ping-pong table.
The College itself is also home to a 2-storey library and a large student lounge on the main floor for study space.

Scott Cramer
Director of Residence
(780) 492-7681 ext.230